Elevator Modification:

Elevator service lives of about 20 years, but over time their performance can begin to decline. When that happens, it might be time to consider upgrading your existing elevator.

Elevator modifications are a more affordable alternative compared to a brand new elevator installation and can be completed in a shorter period.

Elevator modifications will improve efficiency and performance to your existing elevator and be more energy-efficient and reduce energy costs.

We use a High Performance Integrated Controller for our elevator modifications.

Nice3000+ is the ideal integrated solution for elevator control, suitable for a diverse range of geared and gearless machines, providing the best riding comfort with high safety integrity

Technical Features:

  • Redundancy control through Multi-CPUs, equipped with CANbus, Modbus and GSM communication technology
  • Based on displacement calculation methods derive N velocity profile to achieve optimum direct-to-point distance control
  • Simple 2-wire serial communications to commission duplex group control
  • Group control up to 8 elevators are based on fuzzy logic control theory
  • In-built real-time clock to facilitate time-sharing control and elevator management
  • Flexible emergency backup power; 220Vac power input makes emergency evacuation easy with automatic light load direction search
  • Automatic identification operation between short-floors
  • Handheld Operation Tools: Mini Keypad , PC to facilitate easy commissioning
  • 60 fault codes to facilitate easy diagnostics


  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Performance
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Safety and Compliance

Key Features:

By the principles of distance, automatically generate the smooth curves from the start of parking, no crawling, and directly stop in the leveling position.

Optimum Velocity Profile Efficiency:
The elevator controller will optimize the velocity profile based on the desired travel distance demand instead of the floor number.

Advanced Door-Opening:
Under the automatic operation state, the speed during stopping is less than 0.1 mls and the gate signals effective, system shorts door-lock signal through advanced
door-opening module and then opens the door ahead of time to enhance the elevator efficiency

Category Door Open Holding Set-Time:
The system can automatically identify the different times to keep the open calls to open the door, instructions to open the door, the door to protect open, delay to open the door, and to open the door in accordance with the setting time.

This may occur when the lift stops at the floor station, and a large number of persons or goods enter or leaves. The leveling fluctuates because of the elastic deformation of the Elevator Wire Rope and the rubber. The system is allowed to run automatically at the re-leveling speed to the leveling station with the door open.

Self-Rescue Levelling:
The elevator is in its normal operating state but doesn’t stop at the correct level. If it meets the safety requirements to run, the lift will automatically run slowly to the nearest floor area, and then open the door.

Emergency Self-Rescue Time-Out Protection:
When the elevator is at balance load or rescue device power capacity is inadequate. Long rescue time-lapse is expected and accidents may occur. This function enables the system to self-disable the emergency operation.

Elevator Position Auto Calibration:
Each time the elevator enters the terminal floor zone, the system will self-calibrate the position counter with respect to the 1st slowdown limit switch so that the elevator over travel operation will be eliminated.

Fire Alarm Function:
Enable user to preset the elevator designated homing floor when fireman mode is enabled

Automatic Homing To Main Landing:
When the waiting time is beyond the present time and there is no hall or car call, elevators will automatically return to the main landing and wait for passengers.

Floor Height Data Automatic Correction:
Each time the elevator passes through the leveling position, the system will auto-correct the error position with respect to the shaft parameter self-learn position database to maintain consistent ride comfort.

Anti-Nuisance Function:
The system identifies the number of passengers in the car and automatically compares the number of passengers with the number of instructions registered in the car. If an excessive number of calls are registered, then the system considers it is anti-nuisance status and cancels all the car calls. The passengers need to re-register the desired calls again.

UP/DOWN Over-Speed Protection:
The over-speed detector gives an assurance that the speed of the car cannot exceed the range of secure speed, thereby guaranteeing the safety of both passengers and cargo.

Modification Enquiry:

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