Elevator Interior / Cabin:

The elevator cabin is the most frequently used part of an elevator to be used by workers, clients, and visitors and in most cases is the most neglected part of the elevator.

The interior of the elevator should always leave a positive and safe impression for the user riding experience.

Our experienced team can replace damaged floors, sidewalls, handrails, and ceilings to give your old elevator a new modern look.

So whenever you decide to modernise your elevator to save on recurring elevator repair bills you should always include upgrading the interior as well.

Interior Upgrade List:

  • Doors: Stainless steel car doors or refurbished wood landing doors.
  • Flooring: We use interlocking Plasti-Lock PVC floor tiles for a hard wearing floor surface.
  • Walls: Choose between stainless steel entrance walls or custom wood panels.
  • Handrails: Custom build handrails which comply with the safety code of elevators.
  • Ceiling: Whether you’re looking for a suspended ceiling, standard louvre diffusers or a custom designed ceiling.We manufacture to meet all required safety codes.
  • Lighting: Upgrading the lighting inside the elevator improves occupational health and safety and even provides emergency lighting during power blackouts.
  • Ventilation system: Cabin ventilation systems provide a comfortable airflow in elevators to provide adequate fresh air. The elevator ventilation system needs to be suitably designed for the purpose
  • Camera System: Elevator security systems will protect the building tenants and resources, and also prevent the risk of theft, damage and criminal activity.

Elevator Interior Enquiry:

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